5 best and easy ways to maintain your SEO ranking

5 best and easy ways to maintain your SEO ranking

The base of every online business is generating a constant supply of website visitors. It is hard to convert visitors to prospects and committed, long-term clients if you do not have visitors to your website.

But what happens when you have risen to the top of Google’s SERPs?

Ranking for certain keywords, according to common opinion, is just half the game. The fundamental principles of SEO are continuously developing, and marketers must keep up with the current developments. Today, I’ll discuss how you can keep ranking for the keywords for which you’ve worked so hard. These strategies will also help’s you from any potential algorithm updates.

Update Your Website

As per the google algorithm your website need always up to date because google update their algorithms time to time. so keeping your site up to date is an excellent manner to preserve your position. It will help you to rank in SERP’s or SEO ranking.

Text-only articles, for example, might possibly harm your search engine results. If you want to keep your keywords, you should refresh your material by incorporating a variety of videos and graphics into your posts. This will improve your readers’ experience and they will share your website link to others.

Take the effort to boost your brand’s physical attractiveness. Optimizing your website’s layout will lower bounce rates and boost the probability of users interacting with your content.

Speed Up Your Site

Site speed has long been a ranking criteria in Google search, but many websites still take a long time to load, especially on mobile, where the bulk of searches currently occurs. Keep in mind that over two million blogs are published every day, so if your website isn’t loading quickly enough, your readers will most likely seek an alternate option.

Google encourages webmasters to reduce page load time for mobile devices to less than one second, which is extremely quick. Even if you can’t get it so low, keep in mind that every second you save on page load time minimizes page abandonment.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to employ a computer specialist in your field to have your websites load more quicker.

The following are three simple measures that can increase the speed of your website:

  • Change to a quicker, more dependable hosting service.
  • Turn on image compression for all photos on your website.
  • To boost download speeds, use a content delivery network (CDN).

If your loading speed is still an issue, you may use a tool called Google PageSpeed Insights to assist discover the particular issues that are slowing down your website’s load time and offer solutions.

Expand Your Backlinking

One of the most typical mistakes that marketers make is focusing on the amount of their backlinks rather than the quality.

If you’ve already ranked for a specific keyword, there’s no need to develop too many backlinks to that page. Google can tell whether a website is accumulating links at an unnatural rate. Building links too rapidly might be interpreted as a red signal and may result in your website being blacklisted.

If you want to keep your keyword rank, you should alter your inbound links to all of your site’s pages. This method will alter your backlink profile and boost your total website authority in the Google eye.

Outbound and Internal Linking

Links inside your site, as contradictory as it may appear, might be just as valuable as backlinks to your site. Sending outbound links to same brands in your niche aids Google is determining your website’s relevant.

Always ensure that the web pages to which you link give relevant and helpful material to your audience. Despite this. Although edu links are frequently seen as beneficial by SEOs, the content would be incongruent with a brand oriented on survival and protection.

Internal linking, which occurs when you link to similar items on your own website, is another effective approach for maintaining keyword ranks. Internal linking, when done correctly, will assist search engines in better understanding the significance and thematic emphasis of each page. Smart internal linking can help keep people on the site longer by making it easy for them to access extra site material.

Internal linking, like outbound links, should be used sporadically. Don’t go overboard by including too many connections to your current article material.

Build Your Social Media Presence

There’s some tergiversation as to whether social media engagement is a ranking factor in search, directly or indirectly. However, it’s lavishly clear that search engines view each major social media platform as an authority brand. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all give us a high PageRank in Google.

Getting links from these social media networks will help Google determine the relevancy of your website. The more people like and share your content, the more visibility and customers you will receive from these social media channels.

There are some easy strategies for increasing the visibility of your blog on social media:

  • Add social media sharing buttons to your article’s sidebar.
  • In your information use strong calls to action.
  • Provide your users with a free piece of content in return for a social media share.


Search engine optimization is a long-term process that will not give immediate benefits. Typically, it takes a few months to see the results of your SEO efforts. Implementing the five tactics listed above can help you keep your authority even after you’ve ranked for a certain keyword. Mango digital services give the Best SEO Services.

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